Prospective Parents

Schedule a Tour

We invite you to join us on a group tour of our preschool. You will be able to meet with the director to discuss our philosophy and curriculum, and visit the classrooms to observe our children enjoying their day. This is a very informative tour that will allow you time to get a feel for the program and to ask questions. We offer tours several times a month beginning at 9:15 am and lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. Please contact us for current available dates and to make an appointment. Due to the length and format of the tour, we ask that you come without your children. We look forward to meeting you!

Wait Pool

WUMP accepts applications for the preschool anytime after your child turns 18 months old. But if your child is younger than that, we are still happy to answer your questions and take you on a tour of the preschool. We have found that by waiting until your child is 18 months, you will have more time to bond with your baby and get a better sense of your toddler’s temperament. This, in turn, will help you pick a preschool that will be a good fit for both your child and your family.

Where Are They Now?

Children from Westwood United Methodist Preschool are warmly welcomed at a range of local schools, in both the private and public sectors. We understand the distinctive strengths of each school and look forward to helping parents in their decision.
It’s incredibly important to match your child’s personality and aptitudes to the next school and we’re here to help. We will share our insights with parents so you can make the best decision about the next stage of your child’s education. Our aim is for every child to go on to his or her first choice of school.
In recent years, children have gone on to the following schools:

  • Crossroads School
  • Brentwood
  • Buckley
  • Carthay Center
  • Echo Horizon
  • El Marino
  • El Rodeo
  • Fairburn School
  • Overland Academy
  • Pali Elementary
  • Rosocomare
  • St. Paul the Apostle
  • The Center for Early Education
  • Turning Point
  • Warner Avenue
  • Westwood Charter
  • Wildwood School
  • Willows